Monday, August 14, 2017

Nayeli's baptism!!

Luis (our recent convert) got to baptize his younger sister and it was so special. I love love love that family with all my heart. At Nayeli’s baptism, she said that she knew because of this decision she would never be alone and Luis talked about how the Book of Mormon healed him and took away his anger. They have a rough life, but Luis is just being more and more converted and happier. He has the priesthood now and he also got a job as a blacksmith and he said Hermana! I got a job! Now I can finally pay my tithing!

Also, we saw a big miracle this week! On Monday night, we went to go visit a contact that I had with my last companion, but I didn’t realize we had already talked to her because we found her through a member reference. It’s a crazy story, but we just knocked on her door and she let us in and it wasn’t a planned appointment, we were a little unsure of what to teach. My companion started how to begin teaching and then she said that we all have problems and we all need Jesus Christ. And then I asked what problems she was facing in her life. And she just started crying and told us so much of her life and how she thinks God is punishing her because she hasn’t been with him so much, but there was so much love and I realized that God does not want us to suffer He only works for us, He wants to do everything possible for us to be with Him again. At the end Felicidad prayed and she poured her heart out to God. I am so excited to continue teaching her and her husband.
We had a special broadcast from Elder Oaks for Peru and Bolivia and it was so awesome. The 70s talked and they gave such cool talks they talked about traditions and how the lamanites and a lot of other pueblos had to change their traditions because they were wrong and how we have to have CELESTIAL TRADITIONS and that’s so awesome so we made goals in our companionship to have those celestial traditions. 
We are seeing so many miracles in this area. Transfers happened and I for sure thought I was leaving but I’m so blessed to stay 6 more weeks in Sucre. 
Hermana Lopez 
 There is a dried peach drink they have here and its really good but the dried peaches just look weird.
This family in our ward that looves the missionaries and they are just this cute little old couple
Saltenas one of my favorites!!

Ines cooks for the missionaries!! I love her!!

We are teaching our pensionista’s kids Ale and Mauri

An excellent member missionary.

Monday, August 7, 2017


This was a good week! We went to leadership conference and President taught us some awesome stuff. He said love and charity and different things because love is selective and charity is not. Thats why charity is the pure love of Christ, it doesnt choose. He died for everyone even those that dont accept Him in their lives.  He also taught us that our purpose on earth is only to replace our natural man with our divine nature. Its hard, but thats why God wants us to be here.

I have changed so much on the mission because I really am learning more about Christ everyday and serving others and giving everyone an opportunity to come unto Christ. And I want to keep changing. I have realized that one of the most beautiful gifts we have is the gift of change. I want to keep changing so that I can be perfected in Christ. 

Our Zone, the Sucre zone won the "llama limpia" award for being the cleanest zone yaaaay
While i was in cochabamba i got to visit my old area!! and Ronald and Maria were finally married andbaptized!!! being in their home was so different this time around because they had the spirit!!  
as I was leaving maria hugged me and said thank you for never giving up on me, i owe all of my happiness to you. I just started crying in that moment. the gospel is pure pure pure joy. 

 I have changed a lot but I am still really clumsy and spill spaghetti on walls haha...

Hermana Lopez 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Be Humble

This week was great! 
We are our pensionista’s kids and they are so amazing and humble. That’s the best part of teaching Bolivians is that they are so humble and God is their first priority. Some people don’t have food, they don’t have money, they don’t have beds, but they come to church because they know that putting God first will be the best outcome for everything.

Yaneth and Luis were married and then baptized!! It was amazing and so beautiful. At her baptism, she said reading the scriptures and learning about the gospel changed my life. And her husband said when my children were born I knew I had to be in this church. Yaneth is so so amazing and has such a strong testimony, the baptismal service was so beautiful. 

Yaneth and Luis have a motorcycle shop and their friends came to the wedding, it was great. 

Also, we went to visit the hermanas that live in Tupiza! Tupiza is this tiny little town that I don’t know how to explain but we had to travel like 9 hours to go visit them haha but it was so great. I love it so much they have moto-taxis and it’s the best. It was so much fun to go work in that area. 

Division in Tupiza with Hermana Saari, we worked very hard and contacted 7 new people in one day.

The biggest family I have ever taught the Sanchez Family. 

Luis and his younger sister

People are very generous in Bolivia, they always offer you so much of food!!

We went to Cochabamba for a Leadership conference

Love you all
Hermana Lopez