Monday, September 18, 2017

When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God.

Hi everyone!!

This week was hard again. Its really hard to watch people you truly love suffer. Some of the converts here they are going through some serious problems. Their parents just left them abandonded and now the oldest Luis who is 16 has to work and provide for his family. Its a really rough situation, but something incredible is watching converted disciples step in. The relief society president went to go visit them and she brought them food but not only that, she went to their school and talked to their teachers and is now teaching them how to do Math. She lets them sit with her family at church and she takes them out to eat and gives them love they need. It was so amazing to see that. No one even asked her to do it, she just started doing it. She goes to their school and buys all their supplies they need.
Luis, Nayeli and Ricardo my favorite !!

In ward council the bishop asked the other leaders to pitch in. Everyone was assigned days to visit them and bring them food. And then a lot of people even offered to pay for clothes and stuff. It was also really sad cause one leader said bishop, I really  dont have time to go over and help them. I have to work, I'm really busy. And then the first counselor said, hermana everyone is busy. but these are God's children; I invite you to find time to serve God. Everyone was dead silent. 

Ines and her famiy invited Luis and his sibilings to Family Home evening
I learned a lot that being baptized we made a promise to follow and serve God for like. of the leaders said theres not much I can do as a leader in this church but there is a lot I can do as a friend to Luis.
A recent convert family invited all 4 kids to a family home evening at their house and went all out on baking them sweets and helping them just feel love. Because thats all they really need is to feel like they are not alone.

-- Hna Lopez.
Our ward a talent show where different traditional Bolivian dances were presented

During study time
It is very cold in Sucre.

Monday, September 11, 2017

More adventures in Sucre

This week went by super fast, we had to fly out to Cochabamba and come back to Sucre in about 24 horus due to leadership conference so I was a little tired haha. But we still worked really hard!!!! 

Leadership Conference

During leadership conference

Mauri and Juan Pablo our pensionista's son

We are working with Alejandro and Mauricio they are our pensionista's sons and wow it has been so so aweome to be able to teach them. Ale is 25 and Mauri is 18. All of the family was baptized 6 months ago except them and its been a slow process but a miraculous one too . This past Friday we asked them if they felt ready to be baptized and Ale said he was sure, but Mauri said not yet and that Ale should just be baptized without him. But we felt strongly that they could baptized together and then their family could start preparing to be sealed in the temple so we told Mauri we would give him until the 16th to decide so that we could start planning his baptism after. We told his parents about our plan and we all decided to fast for them. It was probably one of the sweetest moments in my mission being able to fast with their parents. The dad said a really strong prayer about how much he wanted their family to be eternal. We are all praying for Mauri to feel ready.  

It's so  hard for most people here to be members of this church, they have to sacrifice so much and give up a big part of their culture. But I know that repentance changes us and it helps us become converted to God and not to anything else. This Sunday the elders convert came running up to us crying because her dad hit her once he found out she was coming to church to be confirmed. She asked us why it had to be hard for her and easy for everyone else.

It was a really humbling experience. We are so blessed to have the truth.

Hermana Lopez 

Bolivian breakfast: Api and bunuelos!!
Sometimes we have to take these huge buses to get from one part of our area to the other and the buses get really full so we have to hang out of them. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Faith to walk

So this week we have been focusing a lot on being able to really listen to the Spirit. We have had so many cool experiences where we have just been told to stop walking or to knock on some door that doesnt even look like a door. 
We were walking up a hill and I felt like I should knock on another door that wasnt a main door and we found this lady that just really needed us to be there. She had been hit by a car and she broke her leg and is in bed rest until October and we sang her a hymn and I just love to know that God loves and cares for all his children! 

Also two weeks ago we contacted this guy and he said im really busy right now but in two weeks I will go to your church at 5:30 on Saturday. And we honestly didnt believe him, but this Saturday we got a call from the elders telling us that someone was waiting for us at church and we literally booked it to the chapel and it was him! And he is so awesome, he wants to know the church.

This Sunday was Dia del Peaton which is like a holiday dedicated to pedestrians and there are no cars allowed or anything and it made me so happy to the point of tears to see how many faithful members walked miles and miles in the heat just to come to church. It was a lot of the older members too and I just loved that. Its such a big example of obedience no matter what.
Hermana Lopez 

A lot of opportunities to serve

It was pedestrian's day, no cars are allowed on streets, so everyone has to walk.  good time to contact people with our district.

Celebrating Irene's husband birthday.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Last door

This week I dont really remember what happened it just went by really fast 
we worked really hard this week and we met some pretty cool people.

Hermana Kincaid and I are working on being able to recognize promptings from the Spirit and one day in our area we had no idea where to go or what to do so we say down to pray and she felt like we had to go down the street to the right and then we knocked on a door over there and this little girl came out so we couldnt really do anything about that, but then we knocked across the street and it was a member (who I did not know) and I contacted him and it was REALLY embarrassing like really.  Then my companion said I think we just needed to go down this street to have fun cause it was pretty funny.

But then we knocked on one last door and this young guy came out, his name is Gabriel, and he let us in his house, but his wife was doing her homework so she didnt want to talk to us. But last night we visited them again and they are amazing!! They are a really young couple and they are trying to find values for their life and for their future childrens life. and his wife, Eva, was asking us a ton of questions yesterday like if she needs to be baptized or how can she know which church is true and they were awesome questions. The spirit is awesome!

view from our area. Those big mountains are called Sica sica and Churuquella.

Downtown Sucre

Hermana Lopez 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Colors of Bolivia


This week we worked really hard. We are finding a lot of people who are searching for the gospel and for happiness.
For example one day we were walking and I just started praying in my mind for someone who needed us and we were in this block where we have knocked on a few of the doors and no one is ever home so we dont usually contact there, but I noticed one door specifically and there was watering like coming down the porch so she was cleaning and there was really loud cumbia music playing and i just felt like we should knock it. even though the music was so loud. but we knocked on it and this young girl came out and she was like oh hey let me turn the music off and she did and then came back out. and turns out she is a less active member who was baptized when she was like 11 and she talked about how she loves the temple and loves the church and then she started crying and said that she just came back from the hospital and she asked God why she was alone and why she had to go through things alone. and she said now i know that i am not alone and God still answers my prayers!!
One really hard thing about the mission is watching people you love go through really hard times and feeling your heart break so much, but hermana Kincaid said something really cool to me. She said that we love people so much that we feel so much joy when they progress but when things start to go wrong we are equally destroyed. We love with our whole heart and its ok because its worth it.
I love the gospel and I am so so grateful for our savior Jesus Christ who understands us so perfectly. We really are never alone. 

Hermana Lopez 
Making cinnamon rolls with Irene

He is reading the Book of Mormon!!
Look at the view by my window

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nayeli's baptism!!

Luis (our recent convert) got to baptize his younger sister and it was so special. I love love love that family with all my heart. At Nayeli’s baptism, she said that she knew because of this decision she would never be alone and Luis talked about how the Book of Mormon healed him and took away his anger. They have a rough life, but Luis is just being more and more converted and happier. He has the priesthood now and he also got a job as a blacksmith and he said Hermana! I got a job! Now I can finally pay my tithing!

Also, we saw a big miracle this week! On Monday night, we went to go visit a contact that I had with my last companion, but I didn’t realize we had already talked to her because we found her through a member reference. It’s a crazy story, but we just knocked on her door and she let us in and it wasn’t a planned appointment, we were a little unsure of what to teach. My companion started how to begin teaching and then she said that we all have problems and we all need Jesus Christ. And then I asked what problems she was facing in her life. And she just started crying and told us so much of her life and how she thinks God is punishing her because she hasn’t been with him so much, but there was so much love and I realized that God does not want us to suffer He only works for us, He wants to do everything possible for us to be with Him again. At the end Felicidad prayed and she poured her heart out to God. I am so excited to continue teaching her and her husband.
We had a special broadcast from Elder Oaks for Peru and Bolivia and it was so awesome. The 70s talked and they gave such cool talks they talked about traditions and how the lamanites and a lot of other pueblos had to change their traditions because they were wrong and how we have to have CELESTIAL TRADITIONS and that’s so awesome so we made goals in our companionship to have those celestial traditions. 
We are seeing so many miracles in this area. Transfers happened and I for sure thought I was leaving but I’m so blessed to stay 6 more weeks in Sucre. 
Hermana Lopez 
 There is a dried peach drink they have here and its really good but the dried peaches just look weird.
This family in our ward that looves the missionaries and they are just this cute little old couple
Saltenas one of my favorites!!

Ines cooks for the missionaries!! I love her!!

We are teaching our pensionista’s kids Ale and Mauri

An excellent member missionary.