Monday, September 26, 2016

Jesus Christ my Savior and example!!

This week was extremely roughhhh. We had four baptisms planned for the weekend and they all failed. I felt disappointed in myself and in others. We walked home so disappointed in the dark and it was hard. BUT Jesus Christ knows me and so does Heavenly Father. 
In personal study I read Helaman 10 where Nephi walks home all alone after everyone rejects him and I could definitely relate. I felt deeply comforted and my purpose as a missionary was reinstated. 

Womens conference was even better. We went to the mission home with all the hermanas. Hermana Hansen gave us a white paper with a tiny black dot on it and told us to say what we saw. Everyone said a black dot. Life is good and we choose to focus on the black dot that ruins one day. Happiness is a choice and thats what I want to choose everyday on my mission. 

I feel so comforted to know that Jesus Christ feels my pain. He was rejected to the extreme and Im only experiencing a tiny bit of what he felt.

Love you all thank you for your emails, prayers, and love

Hermana Lopez
This week we went to the temple. It was amazing!!

Five dogs were following me
These dogs were following me
We went to The mission home for a Women's Conference
P-day, We played soccer.
Fnally rained in Cochabamba!!

Monday, September 19, 2016


This week was incredibly hot and almost no one was home. A week ago we met this guy named Marcelo. My trainer met him when we were on splits with members. We went back this week and his mom told us he wasn't home. So, we came back and this lady opened the door and she said Marcelo isn't home. And we said oh ok...we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ... and she stared at us and said... ok want to come in? and we were like yeah sure. We sat down in her living room and she told us that she was less active and hasn't come back to church because she feels guilty for a lot of things. We said we can help her and she accepted. Marcelo is her brother in law. We scheduled and appointment and came back last night. We talked to them both and the Spirit was incredibly strong. We taught the restoration and Marcelo said I believe this is true. And he is planning on getting baptized the 22nd of October!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES EVERYWHERE! 

Seriously, I am learning that patience is key and this is The Lords work, the Lords time. 

Also, an Elder gave a talk last Sunday about how when he was baptized he went to church and he found out so many of his friends and classmates and neighbors were members of the church. And he said why didnt you tell me? Ive been searching for the truth. Seriously! Theres so many people we take to church and say I know him or blah blah blah. Let people know you are a member of Jesus Christs Church!!!!!

I also learned a cool proverb this week
Theres two best moments to plant a tree, one moment was twenty years ago and the other moment is now.

Love you all and miss you all! 

Hermana Lopez
Saying good bye to Hermana Campana
Her name is Machai, she is Ronnys dog and I love her. She pokes her head in the room and then attacks me and hugs me, hahha

Monday, September 12, 2016

Villa Graciela

I have come to love my area Villa Graciela, my companions and the people so much!!. This week was transfers week. I really love this area and wanted to stay, and I'm staying.  President Hansen said this is the best trio he has seen in the mission, but there is an even number of sisters now so he had to put Hermana Campana up for adoption. She was transfered. I'm sad. We have been together since the beginning, we were companions since the MTC. I love her so much!. But I know we have to continue our progress and growth in the mission. 
We are still teaching Ronny and his two kids, Alejandro and Valeria two teenagers . They are a very special family, being with them is like being home again. Ronny is the type of parent that lets his kids make their own decisions in life and only has one rule for them don't hurt anyone in your path. His kids are very smart they like to read and think very deeply. Ale is questioning if God exists because he sees a lot of problems in humanity. And Valeria didnt really like us that much, she would rather stay in her room and read. 

But yesterday, we went over and only Ronny and Valeria were home. We taught lesson 3 The Gospel of Jesus Christ and we kept asking them if they had any questions for us, but Valeria didnt. I didnt really think Valeria was listening. Until we talked about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Valeria said I have one question.... When can I get baptized?

It was amaazzzzinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng, we all had to hold in our emotions and play it cool. But she is planning on getting baptized October 15th! Isnt that amazing!? 

I  love the mission more and more everyday. 

I love you all!
Ronny, Valeria and Alejandro

Monday, September 5, 2016

An incredible week

This week was incredible!
Rosemary is a less active member who has been away from church for 18 years and thanks to the help of her older sister she is starting to come back to church. She has four kids who are not baptized, but the two youngest always come to church. The older two are tattoo artists and are a bit difficult to teach. On Saturday night we got to talk to one of them named Harlem. He has a lot of interesting questions about the church.  He came to church this sunday. It was so powerful because his mom said "I know my kids will get baptized, I know we will get sealed in the temple together. I know they will know the truth". A mothers testimony can really influence anything. They all came to church the next day.  We set a fecha bautismal  (baptism date) with Rosemarys children Camilla and Hilmar. It was so cool Camilla picked the 24th of september for her baptismal date. 

Ronnny is less active for 30 years and now he is ready to come back, what a miracle!!.  We have a lesson with him everday and also he came to church on Sunday. At the class "principios del evangelio" Ronny said that 3 angels brought him back to church. 

We have a new investigator her name is Iza and she is from Argentina. She loves the sisters. She invited us to her son's birthday party and her whole family asked us about mormons and it was really a great opportunity to share the gospel. Her family is precious. She came to church and everyone was being so kind to her like they announced her name in sacrament and she was like quuee!! (what!!). I don't think she expected people to be nice to her.

The Lord is putting really prepared people in our paths it is incredible!!.

In Bolivia they have a day dedicated to pedestrians "dia del peaton" and it was on Sunday. There were no cars, there was no transportation at all, everyone had to walk everywhere. A lot of people had to walk really far just to come to church, but their testimonys were so strong. 11 of our investigatores came to church!!. 

Faith is an action not a feeling!

Love you all

Hermana Lopez
Our district

I got my first package from home!!

Just taking a little rest!!