Monday, November 28, 2016

Working hard

This week we worked super hard. Our mission president told us the best feeling at the end of the day is coming home exhausted and that is super true. Sundays are always the hardest days to keep working, but the Lord blesses us with miracles when we are at our limit.

One miracle that happened was that we had no appointments for that night at all, they all failed and we had no idea what to do. We decided to just go home, as we were walking home I just kept thinking pray. But I thought eh, I can just pray at home... but the thought didnt go away so I told my companion  I think we need to pray so we turned the corner and prayed. After she asked me do you think we shouldnt go home? and I said I dont know... then a lady walked right in front of us carrying a ton of things in her hands and a baby. So we obviously asked if she needed helped. She said yes and then we walked all the way to her house and she let us in and we talked about Jesus Christ coming to the Americas. She told us we could come back and even invited us to her son's birthday. 

Also the same thing happened Sunday afternoon, we were walking,
all of our lessons failed and we were super discouraged when I felt talk to Marina an investigator we dropped a month ago. We went to her house and she was moving to another house and they were moving by pushing these metal carts with all their stuff in them. She couldnt do it and her oldest son of 14 was doing it. So we helped. Seriously God is so aware of all of his children!

Love you all!
Hermana Lopez 

My Zone: We went paintballing 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Love one another

Hey everyone this week was super fun!. "My mom", my trainer haha, she came back to my area to go on exchanges with me and it was just like old times except I felt more mature hahaha 

Gabriel, a recent convert, he was in the hospital because he had surgery and everything turned out ok. I was super worried for him, but it was such a cool moment walking into the hospital and seeing him with his Book of Mormon.  He is receiving so much support from the ward and it is incredible to see members support mission work and have a love of Christ so deeply they sacrfice their time for others. Gabriel is one of my favorite people I have met, he is so humble and wants to keep learning about Christ so much. He read Alma 32 and analyzed it so much. 
A view of my area

I think one of the best parts of the mission is watching people change and being able to love people so deeply and so quickly without really knowing them. I really feel my Saviors presence in my life and the life of others.

This week nothing much happened, we are just trying to work hard and find new people to teach! Thank you all for the love and support and prayers. I love you all
Hermana Lopez 

Ronny, Valeria and Alejandro and our district 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Valeria got baptized! She is such an inspiring 14 year old. So mature and converted.  

The best part about the mission is how much one grows closer to Christ. I am learning so much about my Savior and testifying of His love to others makes me realize how real it is. 

One thing I am learning more and more is that the purpose of life to to grow closer to Christ. I want to leave everything that hinders me from that goal. Its not easy, but I dont think its supposed to be.

During sacrament Gabriel told me guess what happened last daughter came into my room and hugged me and apologized for all that she did. When Gabriel told me that I realized that Heavenly Father was keeping His promise to him, one that came through me that after his baptism his family would change and be blessed because of his decision to be baptized.

Everyday we are seeing more and more miracles. My area Villa Graciela is flourishing like no other. At the beginning of this transfer I thought, I dont know what else is left to do here. But there is so much more work to be done. People are literally coming out of the blue. I love it.

Thanks for all your prayers, letters, and kind words. It motivates me a lot a lot a lot. love you all :)
Hermana Lopez 
Valeria baptism

Ronny's family I love them so much
My area Villa Graciela

My companion Sister Suarez


Monday, November 7, 2016

A reason for everything

This week was hard, but good. 

We were teaching a less active family and the dad said: "I left the church because I got lazy, I just had too many callings". When he said that I realized here on the mission that I am not progressing if I am comfortable. I want to make my comfort zone uncomfortable. Heavenly Father knows my potential and He knows what I can handle. 

I am learning a lot especially in my personal study. I learned that Heavenly Father knows our potential but so does Satan. When Jesus Christ was being tempted Satan knew His potential,  and he kept saying IF you are the Son of God why can't you do this.. why why why. and I realized that Satan can do the same with missionaries saying IF you are a good missionary then why this why that why not this. It all starts with little doubts. But we must rely on the Lord all the time.

I am also learning that if I want to get closer to Christ every day I have to give up a lot of things like being inpatient or selfish or so many other things. Its not bad to have problems, its just wrong to not fix them.

We are teaching new investigators and many of them came to church this Sunday.

I love the mission so much and love being a sister missionary. Miracles happen every single day. So much miracles inspite of hardships! 

Thank you all and thank you for all the love and support

Hermana Lopez