Monday, July 10, 2017


Hello everyone:

This week was a white weekend. Luis got baptized!!  Luis se bautizo el sabado!!.  It was amazing to be able to see his progress and conversion. Although beign a missionary is not easy, it is worth it when we see such amazing miracles like Luis being baptized. The week leading up to his baptism  he was really nervous but after he was baptized he said " I feel clean".
 Luis is such a convert, his life is so hard but I know with the gospel in his live he will be better prepare for difficult times. He said that he wants to go on a mission!! its so awesome I am so happy for him and excited for his future.Teaching him has been one of the best experiences in my mission.

Love you all

Hermana Lopez  

Monday, July 3, 2017


This was a CRAZY week!! seriously so much happened and I am learning so so much about serving others and dropping everything to be able to help others. We are so blessed though to be able to work with such amazing people. Luis is progressing so well he is going to be baptized this saturday!!! and he loves church and he is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and he understands it so well. His sister is a lot better and WOW it was amazing because he fasted and i told him that the sacrament is when we just feel a spiritual boost and he took it really literally and searched for the biggest piece of bread hahahhaha i was laughing  

But we are working so hard and we are finding people who are so ready to progress! I am so exhausted but i am learning so much about serving others.

Esta semana fue increible! vimos muchos milagros. encontramos una familia que quiere servir a dios mas que nada! Es tan lindo poder testificar de las bendiciones de bautizarnos y seguir a Jesucristo. Nunca he estado tan cansada pero tambien encuentro tanta felicidad al poder servir a los demas. Amo este evangelio y amo ver a personas cambiar su vida y encontrar felicidad eterna. 
--Hermana Lopez

Look at the different colors of the corn cobs


Divisions with Hermana Gomez "mi hija"

We moved to a new place this week. Glad to have a tall and strong companion !!

Busy week coordinating visits and divisions with the other sister missionaries.
Luis and his sibilings

We went to Cochabamba this week for a Leadership Conference 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pictures and Pictures

Last Zone Conference with President and Hermana Hansen in Sucre

It was hard to say good bye to Hermana Hansen, I love her!!

It is amazing when you find 2 bolivinos on your magnet plaque at the end of the month!!
The only way to finish this huge sandwich was sahring it with my companion Hermana Kincaid 

Monday, June 19, 2017

God Knows his chidren

This week was full of miracles!!! So Luis and Lisbeth are progressing so much!! They are so amazing and they all partook of the sacrament this week! They have been through so much but they just keep trusting the Lord. Luis said he would never doubt again that God loved him and his family.
My new companion is Hermana Kincaid, we are working so hard on being direct with people. We are searching for people who will not be pushed into a font but walk into the font. Its hard because the more direct you are the more rejection that comes with it. But last night we had a short fhe with a member family and we invited them to kneel right there and ask  for a family that needed the gospel. After the prayer we were all kneeling and stayed silent for a while. The dad said no names came to his mind, but then his wife said that she thought of this young man who lives next door that gave jello to her mom and he was really kind. So right after we knocked on his door and this lady came out (his mom) and we told her her neighbors shared that with us and we wanted to meet them and she let us in and we prayed with her and the spirit was so strong she started to cry. It was amazing, she is golden! So is her family!
After we went to go see another investigator, but she wasnt there her sister in law was and she let us right in and said she would be baptized and she said i dont know why i am so happy what do you guys have?
God knows where his children are! 

Hermana Lopez 
The Ferrufino family!! I love them so much!!

Celebrating Hermana Mitchell's birthday 
I'm so happy because Hermana Gomez, "mi hija"(my daughter) was transferred to Sucre to open an area.

My new companion Hermana Kincaid

Monday, June 12, 2017


Hello everyone:

I love being a missionary and helping other families be eternal. This gospel is only peace and happiness and the only way to be happy. While serving as a missionary I have learned my purpose as a daughter of God. A young investigator asked me do you ask God what is your purpose? I said yes and she told me and he answered? And feels so happy to be able to say yes. I love this gospel and I love to share it.

Ferrufino Family
This week was amazing! The best part was that we visited the Ferrufino family, Luis and his older sister Lisbeth who is finally getting better. We visited them in the hospital. Last week she was very sick, her condition was deteriorating and was about to be put in the ICU. The bishop came on Wednesday and gave her a blessing and after the blessing Lisbeth just got better. " It's a miracle". When we walked in she said hermanas, "I’m ok now and I want to be baptized". Her husband said that God truly answered his prayers and now he wants to give his whole family to God. That's amazing!!!!! Lisbeth still has a lot of recovery ahead of her, but she has the strongest desire to be baptized and so does Luis. It’s a miracle! Also, the most beautiful part was when I asked if we could say a prayer to leave and Luis and Vidal her husband they kneeled down around the hospital bed even though there were so many people in the bed next to them and Vidal prayed and said thank you so much and he said, I don’t have anything to ask for I have everything!
Lisbeth was released on Saturday and they all came to church on Sunday even though she is still very weak.

We decided to eat healthier this week.  Look at our refrigerator!!
My companion Hna Garff was transferred this week. I'm going to miss her, we had a great time working together.