Monday, December 11, 2017

Last P-day....What?

First off, Monica was baptized!! She really was so prepared since the beginning!! But she was a referal from our ward mission leader. Her testimony was so beautiful! She talked about how God really does design our lives even the minor details! She said that she was always surrounded by Mormons in Peru but she felt like she should move to Bolivia to pursue medicine. When a guy in her class was Mormon and he kept inviting her to church. So she just decided to come and try it out. Then she mentioned that she began to get her answer when members would share their testimony with her! It all started when a family invited her over for a FHE and then another YSA member shared a scripture with her. 

Honestly one of the most important things I have learned throughout my mission is the importance of always representing Jesus Christ. We are called to be his disciples and that is a life long calling. I am so grateful that the mission prepared me to be a better disciple and to always always share the gospel.

Love is the essence of the gospel and the way we show our love is through acts. I want to continue to preach the gospel, the commandment to open our mouths is for everyone not just missionaries.

We are teaching a young guy that read the Book of Mormon in a week and will be baptized this Saturday! Also another man that wants to devote his whole life to Christ after a long life of bad habits. Another girl who feels true sorrow for her past sins but is ready to change. I know that God recieves His children over and over again. I know that He loves us and is waiting for all of us to return home to Him. But we have the truth!! And we have a mandate to share the truth!!

My last transfer in Bolivia I have learned that God is so merciful so kind. It doesnt matter how we are getting him, the most important thing is that we are still trying. I love this gospel. It changes eternities. 

I love you all!! Thanks for the constant support and prayers. 

  Alma 26:37 Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen.

Hermana Lopez 

Monday, December 4, 2017


This week was super crazy!! Bolivia is having some sort of elections so we weren’t allowed to work for two days so we really wanted to work hard during the week! And we did. We found this super cute family Monday evening and then on Tuesday we visited an investigator named Antony. 

We found Antony knocking doors and he is studying law. He told us he doesn’t really like the Catholic church but also doesn’t care too much to join any other church. But he let us teach him. So, we taught him the first week and he comes to church in a suite. It was pretty awesome. The second week we taught him and he seemed uninterested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said I’ll just read it and tell you guys what I think I have your number. But we insisted on coming back in a week. So, we went back and he sits us down on his couch and says, I read the book.
We asked him what he thought of the chapter and he said, No, I read the whole book. I finished it. Hermanas, I can testify, like you guys say, that this is the true church of Christ. 
Literally we were all crying. He is so ready. Heavenly Father is so aware of everyone it’s amazing. 

Last night a member family invited their neighbor over for a family home evening and they asked us to be there. Turns out their neighbor is struggling super bad with her ex-husband and her relationship with God. She said she decided to stay away from God, but now she knows that He is aware of her! I testified that we are put in people´s way for a reason. Like we are neighbors for a reason. It is all part of God’s plan. Talk to your neighbors!!!  -- 

Hermana Lopez

Rain rain!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Miracles and more miracles!!

I don’t have much time today! But this week was crazy!! Seriously we saw so many miracles and I think our biggest one was Monica! She’s the Peruvian girl studying medicine here and she is so amazing. We had a family night with a Peruvian family and they made Peruvian food for her and it was so nice! but they also testified of the blessings of the gospel and she was a little worried to be baptized without her mom but she told us yesterday that she has to be baptized the 9th of December and there is no way she is going back. It is so awesome. She is a reference from our ward mission leader and on Saturday he had 7 references for us and he brought them to church. He really shares the gospel even after the mission! 

I did exchanges with Hermana Larsen; she is the daughter of one of my mother’s mission’s companions. We were companions for one day!! Amazing!!

Also I am learning every day that God is aware of his children and everyone is prepared. We are teaching a couple Marcelo and Jocelyn and they are on their way to be married and then to be baptized. The gospel is working miracles in their life. 

We are also finding sooo many new people to teach!! God is really blessing us for our hard work! 

Hermana Lopez 

P-day we went to Incachaca with our Zone, in the rainforest an amazing adventure!!


Monday, November 20, 2017


To celebrate Peru entering the world cup we moved up our Peruvian investigator´s baptismal date up two weeks!

It was a miracle!! We are teaching Monica she’s our ward mission leaders friend in college and she’s Peruvian but studying medicine in Bolivia. And she is so prepared to receive the gospel. We have been teaching her for a while now and a few weeks ago we set a baptismal date with her. She told us that she would accept it, but still had a lot of doubts. This week we felt like we should move her fecha (date) up two weeks because she is traveling for the holidays, but we had no idea how we were going to do this. So, we taught a lesson with her and she had a lot of doubts on the Book of Mormon. Luckily, there was a member with us and she shared one of her favorite scriptures. Monica just started crying and said she felt something. She was just crying and said she felt so so happy. We told her that it was her answer! And when we moved her fecha up two weeks she said SI! SI! It was a miracle. In her prayer, she just cried and said thank you for showing me the truth. It was literally so beautiful. Heavenly Father truly does speak to us.

Another miracle is that this guy we contacted just came to church in a suite and it was really funny because no one knew he was visiting, but he loved the church. And this other man randomly walked in. He was in tattered jeans and has shaggy hair and he just walked in. We started talking to him, his name is Saul, and we asked how did you come to the church? And he said, I just need the word of God in my life and this is where God lead me.

Wow!! Honestly Heavenly Father knows where His children are. I am so happy we are seeing so so much miracles in Tiquipaya. 
Hermana Lopez -- 

Primary children's feature missionaries.

Our favorite! saltenas!!

 Wall graffiiti in Cochabamba.