Monday, October 31, 2016

Transfers week!!

This week was super fun! Transfers week. I am in a trio again suuuuupppeer funn!!! Hermana Gonzalez is from Chile and Hermana Suarez is from Ecuador. I am speaking Spanish all the time. 
I am very happy that I stayed in my area because it is amazing, really. It is full of miracles. We met this great family on the street and had a lesson with them last night. They are very humble and so fun to be with. I think they have great potential.

We are basically starting over it feels like. LOTS of contacting, knocking on doors, and finding new people to teach which is super fun!!

Something I want to practice more is having an attitude of prayer. That is my goal for this "cambio" (transfer). I want to make my prayers more meaningful and have patience in my afflictions like the sons of Mosiah

I love you all thank you for your support and pictures and love. Love you all! 

Hermana Lopez
I said good bye to Hermana Braathen

My new companions Hermana Gonzalez from Chile and Hermana Suarez from Ecuador
We played soccer for P-day!!

We are having so much fun together!!

Monday, October 24, 2016


This week was very special. Gabriel our investigator was getting ready to make a decision about his baptism. So, we prayed hard this whole week. Every prayer we said was for Gabriel to decide to be baptized. Because we knew this decision would impact the rest of his life. We went to his house on Wednesday and he said hermanas, I havent decided to be baptized yet. I think I will know on Friday ( a day before his baptism!!). I felt so crushed. But then Gabriel talked for a long long time, about his life about everything he was feeling. Hermana Braathen and I both stayed quiet. We both felt strongly impressed to just listen to him. After a while he said, "I can't go to church and be happy and feel this peace and come home and not be able to help my family. The decision I make to be baptized will be a selfish one and that is not fair."  I told him that decisions determine destiny and the decision he makes to not be baptized or to be baptized will effect the rest of his life, not only his life but the life of his grandaughters and daughter. I promised him straight from the Spirit that this decision would forever impact their lives. He stayed quiet for a while and said OK: "I've decided. Im going to be baptized."

Saturday Gabriel was baptized. It was the sweetest experience. Everything worked out. After he was baptized he bore his testimony and said: " A while ago I had a surgery and I was in a coma after. I had a very weird dream where all I saw was darkness and it was scary. I felt lost and worried. A few days later the hermanas knocked on my door. I will be with you guys until the rest of my days".

The last Saturday of the "cambios" (tranfers) he got baptized and we met him the first thursday of the "cambios" (transfers). Heavenly Father wants us to work hard until the very last second. 
Love you all!!  
Hermana Lopez 
Gabriel baptism
The members in the ward Familia Chavez that always help us with missionary work.
My area Villa Graciela

Our pensionista Iza and her husband.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Good news: Gabriel is getting baptized this Saturday!! I hope everything works out, he is so golden. He is ready to change his life and become a member of Jesus Christs church! But when we spoke to him on Sunday he expressed feelings of nervousness and unworthyness. Hermana Braathen and I are going to work extremely hard with him this week because we are not going to lose him. 

This morning in my personal study I was reading in Alma and how he felt very responsible to go and preach the gospel. In Alma 4 19 he says that there was no other way to save them only by bearing a pure testimony. Last night, a recent convert of three months came to visit an investigator with us. This investigator knows the church is true, but he is struggling to be baptized. We dont know what to do with him anymore, but Hermana Braathen before teaching anything asked the recent convert, Jose, to share his testimony. It was so simple, but pure and strong, and it filled the air with an incredible spirit. A testimony is so powerful. Imagine what problems of the world and in others lives can be solved with the preaching of the gospel--even just a small testimony.

Also, in this week's zone meeting I learned that talking to everyone shows automatic conversion. If we share the gospel with everyone possible, it shows how converted we truly are about this gospel.

I love being a missionary and I love this gospel of Jesus Christ. In church we talked about families and what parents teach you and give you. The most valuable thing my parents taught me and gave me was my testimony of the restored gospel.

Love you all!
Hermana Lopez 

My Zone

There are so many dogs in Bolivia!!

Elders and Sisters Sacaba Zone

Monday, October 10, 2016

Amazing week!!

What a special week! We have been teaching this man named Gabriel, who is terminally ill. He is so interested in changing his life because he knows he will die soon. He got very sick our last visit with him and we told him about how Elders could come over and give him a blessing of health. He was a little weary because he has been to a lot of different churches and received "blessings" from them, but in the end he accepted.

Honestly, it was a very very amazing experience. His blessing was all about baptism. The Elder said that he will do  everything possible or impossible to survive so he can be baptized. After our lesson with Gabriel he told us "ustedes me dan vida" which is you guys give me life. It was an amazing experience, I feel so privellaged to be a part of Gabriels life. He had a doctor appointment that night and then he called us and told us he is being operated on November, which means he can get baptized on October 22nd! 

Also, we have been teaching this little girl named Teresa because she turned 8 and is ready to be baptized. Her mom is not a member and her dad is a convert. Teresa is so converted already and understands so well the doctrine of Christ. It was so amazing! Seriously the mission is incredible!

For Pday today we went to IncaChaca, it was so beautiful and reminded me of Hawaii!! 

Hermana Lopez

Monday, October 3, 2016

The one

General Conference week!!! Seriously, it was so amazing being able to teach about a living prophet and invite people to conference all week. And conference was incrediblee!!  

I loved the talk about the little boy that did not want to read the book of mormon and how his mom never gave up on him and said "I will not lose you"! especially at the end when he said this gospel truly is about the one. Only one investigator came to the first session of conference, both Saturday and Sunday. His name is Gabriel and he is a very old man, who is terminally ill. We met him when we were knocking on doors a couple weeks ago, he told us to come back. When we did go back he told us that he wanted to change his life and he had done things he regreted. He hasnt felt true happiness in a long time and he is worried about his salvation. Everytime we are at his house, I want to cry because he has been through so much and he is desperately trying to get close to God. When I testified of Jesus Christs Atonement, I could picture Christ dying for Gabriel, suffering for Gabriel, and waiting for Gabriel to come back to Him. The gospel is truly about the one lost sheep. 
At the temple

Watching General Conference

Sharing the gospel with everyone!!

Look what I found on the street