Monday, February 27, 2017

Humble Acts of Service in Love Toward One Another

Hi friends:

So this week was a good one. It was the last week of the  transfer "cambio" and we worked really hard. I love Boliva with all my heart and I love being a missionary. 

We are teaching an amazing family. Maria y Selso. They are very humble and work 24/7, they have hardly nothing, but when we teach them they give us everything they have. They give us their best bread, their best mate, their best everything. It is amazing. 
They want to learn so much about Jesus Christ and they want the best for their children. It is a little hard to teach them because they don't understand so well, but we drew pictures for them and we drew The Plan of Salvation to teach them. And I was a little worried they would be offended or something, but at the end of the lesson The Spirit was SO strong. We put a fecha "date" for their baptism and they accepted and then Selso said the pray on his knees and he cried. His words were so clear and he asked for forgiveness and more knowledge. It was so beautiful. Heavenly Father knows His children so well. 

Also. Ronald and Maria came to a baptism with us! The Spirit was there and Ronald said wow this is life changing. They are amazing amazing people with such great potential.

I love Bolivia, I have never met people so so amazing. Bolivia is teaching me so much about humility so much about love. 

Hermana Lopez 

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Savior

Hi friends!!

 This week was amazing amazing because I learned so much about Jesus Christ. We had a zone conference and we watched a video about Jesus Christ where Elder Holland is talking about how hard His life was and why would it be fair if we had a perfect life or mission if the most perfect man on earth didnt get a perfect life? 

We talk to so much people every singe day and they all have a ton of problems and their lives are completely depressing, but Jesus Christ died and suffered for them. Not just for their sins, but for their weaknesses, depressions, injustices, EVERYTHING. And we have a message that can change their eternity.

We are still teaching Ronald and his wife and they are a miracle. Ronald said the most important thing about this gospel is to share it. WOW, and he isnt even baptized yet. We are also teaching this really humble family Maria and Selzo and they work so hard and try their best and they finally came to church and wow it was so amazing. Teaching families is the best. 

I love serving as a missionary, it is the best decision I have made and it will be the best year and a half for my life. I love my savior Jesus Christ and last night when teaching about Him, I thought about what I needed to do to value The Atonement more. How many drops of blood did He shed for me? And what am I doing for Him? 

Love you all.-- 
Hermana Lopez 
"I love the rain"


Monday, February 13, 2017


Hi everyone !!

This week was awesome we saw so many miracles and I have been praying more to use my authority as a representative of Christ. It has been working, I have been promising a lot of things as a representative of Christ and sometimes I even get scared of the promise I make haha.  

But Ronald, who I talked about last week the man whos wife left and had no job, we had a lesson with him and he failed us. BUT it was because he found a job as an editor!! So, we were OK with it. Haha, we called him and told he we were going to wait for him Sunday 8 am at church! And he said he would definitely be there. He recognized tha the Lord blessed him when he chose to act on his faith!! And wow so it was 8:20 am and no sign of Ronald so I kind of gave up on him, but then he walks in with his wife and daughter!! BLESSINGS 


Also, I went back to my first area because Sonya got married and baptized! Seriously what a great example of faith. Her husband baptized her and her son, it was beautiful.

I have learned that so much about faith on my mission. That faith is nothing nothing nothing unless we act on our faith. When we make promises with the Lord, He makes promises with us!
 Big mangos 3 for 15 bs. that is like 2 dollars
Hermana Lopez 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Goals and goals

Hola, this week was really crazy. 

So, first a lot of dogs turned against us. My companion and I aren't afraid of dogs and we have never had a problem with them, but all of a sudden they are trying to bite us and guarding doors. And also a lot of key investigators are struggling and dropping us and we are having to drop them. It is extremely sad. We talked this week about fighting Satans power because it is real and it is attacking our area hard. We made goals to pray more with more power and we made goals to use our authority as sister missionaries more. And wow miracles are coming out of nowhere. 

My companion Hermana Gomez  is a really good missionary who has her priorities straight. We are working hard and are finding miracles miracles miracles. We have a lot of people  and progressing. its great!!

Eating peruvian food1! Yummy!!

A view of my area!!

I like this yummy fruit "chirimoya"

We found a man named Ronald. Ronald talked to missionaries before a long time ago. But its super sad because he is going through difficult times now. We had a "cita" (appointment) with him and he opened the door and told us. He was really depressed. We had a member with us and none of us knew what to do. But my companion said can we share a scripture with you? and he agreed and let us in. I was panicking in my mind thnking ohhh noo what scripture could help him? and I was panicking, but then I remembered the Spirit wouldn't work with me if I was freaking out. So I prayed in my head and a scripture came to my mind. We talked with Ronald we let him talk. And we testified about the gospel. And the next day he came to church and said he felt so relaxed and peaceful despite the trials he was going through. He is even reading the Book of Mormon. It is amazing because I know that I am so not experienced in the world or in anything, but the Lord trusts me and uses me despite my weaknesses. 

Hermana Lopez