Monday, March 27, 2017


MARIA AND SELZO HAD THEIR BAPTISM!!! Seriously it was one of the happiest moments. I love them so so much, they have literally changed my life. You´d think that as missionaries we change peoples lives, but honestly the people I meet change my life more than I ever can change theirs. Maria and Selzo are incredibly amazing, they are going to help their children so much and they are so obedient and so prepared to make these promises with their Father. They were so happy and I can't wait for when they get sealed in the temple. 

We had women's conference this week and it was so so amazing, I recieved a lot of revelation and I want to be a certain women. And I really want to REALLY take the sacrament, not just take it. So, I made it a goal of mine to be more focused and this Sunday was hard because none of our investigators came to church and my mind was all over the place wondering where everyone was, but I really read the sacrament hymn that talked about Christ and His love for me and I listened to the sacrament prayers and I prayed and spoke to my Father, I asked to be forgiven and I talked about what I needed to do better and it was the best sacrament meeting I have ever attended. The sacrament is so important. 

But anyways, I am so excited to be able to hear from the prophet and living apostles. This church is so amazing and I love preaching about the restored gospel.

Hermana Lopez 

Hna. Lopez and her ex companion Hna. Suarez

Eating saltenas!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

The gospel changes lives !!

This week was amazig! Maria and Selso will be baptized this Friday. They are incredible, we had a lesson with them and we were all crying just talking about how greatful we are for this gospel that changes lives. We taught them the ten commandments and they are doing so well at living them and seeing the blessings of obedience in their lives.  

This Sunday was Fathers day in Bolivia so we made a polaroid type cut out and stood in a public place of our area and contacted families to come take pictures and we taught about eternal families . It was incredible, we met so many families who now want to learn about this gospel because no one wants to be separated from the ones they love. 

We invited Maria and Selso to come take a picture with us and they were the first ones to come, but the best part was that they were the ones helping us. At one point an older man came and asked what we were doing but he didnt speak Spanish he spoke Quecha and Selso quickly came over and started preaching in Quecha to this man and everytime a family would come by Maria she would say look a family!! And we would go contact them. 
They gave away Liahonas and books and everything all 5 hours we were there. It was amazing!!A member said: wow you guys are amazing!!! and they said we have to work for the Lord now. WOOOW. That's conversion. 

Hermana Lopez 

Maria and Selso's family helping us to share the gospel!!

We ate arroz chaufa a delicious peruvian dish. A peruvian member of the curch invited us over for lunch 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bolivian birthday!!

 This week was a really good week. Angel was baptized and his baptism was so special, there were a lot of investigators there and his whole family came and everyone teared up. Angel said he felt so new and its true he is a new person and the baptism helped with that, but truly the atonement of Christ makes us new each 

Also Maria and Selzo accepted a baptismal date for the 25th of March. We had a really powerful lesson with them, we talked about repentance and that God will forgive them of their sins. And then they told us they recieved an answer that this is the true church of Christ. They are so kind and so humble and so so prepared for the Gospel. They strive to live it and to comprehend it, the spirit teaches them so differently its amazing. 

Also thank you so much for the birthday wishes to everyone, really thank you thank you. I had an amazing birthday and felt so happy to be in Bolivia. Bolivia has my heart. 
I had three cakes !! On Sunday I was in consejo de barrio and after the prayer  the bishop said WAIT ONE MORE THING EVERYONE STAND UP AND SING TO HERMANA LOPEZ ITS HER BIRHTDAY and then everyone sang to me hahahha it was realy funny  and then they brought in a cake and made me bite in.  

Then my pensionista made a cake for me and  all the sudden they all threw eggs on me and flour and I had nooo idea, I was smiling in that pic and I had no idea they were going to do that it was really funny, but thats how they show their love here in Bolivia  hahaha.  

Maria and Selso's family

Then I had to go shower and change because  we had a cita with Maria and Selso and  four members came with us it was amazing!! We taught a poweful lesson and then Maria and Selso were like wait and they came out with a huuuuge cake.!!  They are the humblest people I have ever met and they bought me a cake.  Maria hugged me and told me Hermana Lopez thank you for everything please never leave us !!  Selso told me: we just wanted you to know how much we love you. It was very emotional I wanted to cry, then they sang to me and then Maria and a member shoved my face into a cake hahahhahaha,

I love Bolivians I know I need to be here to learn from them about true charity and humility. 

Have a great week
Hermana Lopez

Zone activity

Monday, March 6, 2017

My Savior Lives!!

Hi everyone:

 This week went by super fast. We have some incredible incredible investigators.

 We are teaching this really young couple, Jose and Michelle, they are expecting a baby and want to change their lives in order to care for their better. We found Jose through his mom and his mom let us in the house and Jose was in the house so we naturally asked him to come talk to us and he sat down and was so interested. He said he was so shocked that we were in his house because his mom never lets anyone come in, but he told us he would read the book we left him and everything. 
Well after a month of visiting him we found out his girlfriend was pregnant and they want to be serious parents that are centered in Christ. Amazing!! They have plans to be married and baptized within a month and they are making plans to be sealed in the temple.
On Friday we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and then we asked them if they had any questions before we left. Jose said well, yeah, you know how last time we talked about Joseph Smith and there being a true church, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am 100% certain that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. My companion and I were trying not to scream of happiness. 
Jose is amazing we saw them on Saturday and he invited his cousins over so they could learn about the Book of Mormon and he told them he would give them all his phamplets so they could learn, then he said that it is a habit it is something deeply rooted in him to pray every day at night and in the morning. WOOOOW. 

Also we had stake conference and I learned something really cool. Elder Balderrama,  a seventy, spoke and he told us that we need to ask ourselves how new we are becoming? We should be a new person every day and then he shared an amazing experience that he said his son was watching a movie about the cruxification on Christ and at the end the movie didnt show the resurrection of Christ and his son went up to him with tears in his eyes and said God is dead.  And then he looked him in the eyes and said God lives and because of that we can be best friends for all eternity--forever. 

I love this gospel and I know He lives. 

--  Hermana Lopez