Monday, April 17, 2017


Hi everyone!! 

I am now in Sucre, very far from Cochabamba, but just as amazing. I love love Sucre with all my heart already. It is really beautiful. Unfortunately we cant find a good internet place and the adapter won't connect to the monitor....but next week there will be lots of pictures. 

This area is called Las Delicias, it is like any other I have been in. First it is HUGE, the ward has two relief societies but the ward is amazing. There is a lot of recent converts that have been so blessed by the gospel and are so so excited to just be members and share the gospel. 
I am trying my best to learn this huge area but I have an amazing amazing companion- Hermana Gaarf from Utah. She is full of love and energy and loves this work.

I love being a missionary and for Easter we watched so many Christ videos. So amazing!! He is everything and because of His Atonement we can have everything. I love being able to teach about pure and eternal happiness. There are so many families who need help here just being happy and loving one another. 

Love you all!

Hermana Lopez 

Monday, April 10, 2017


This week was amazing. We worked incredibly hard, I had a feeling that I was leaving this area so I wanted to give it my all. I am super tired but super super happy. I love Alalay with all my heart. Maria and Selso have changed my life completely, last night I heard the second to youngest son pray and it was so beautiful I almost started crying. This is what the gospel does, it changes families it changes lives it changes eternities.  

So i was right and im leaving my beloved area. It is so hard to say goodbye but I am so so happy because this area changed my life. We spent a lot of time contacting this transfer and I learned that the gospel is the solution for everything. Everything. We met this young couple with a two week old baby and they are so so scared and the gospel can help them. Jesus Christ is literally the solution for everything and I am so happy I get to tell so many people that. 
I am so heartbroken to leave Alalay it has helped me grow, but I am so excited to go to Sucre and be able to grow more and love my area more and the sisters I will be serving as a lder sister training.-- 
Hermana Lopez 


Monday, April 3, 2017

Another amazing week!!!

Hi everyone:

 This week was super fun! First of all general conference was amazing amazing amazing! 
I received so so much revelation and answers to prayers. It was amazing to tell peole about a living prophet and living apostles. We are so blessed. The restored gospel truly is peace and comfort. They talked so much about overcoming the world and giving your all all your heart everything. It is so true, if our will is not one with Gods' we will never be truly happy.

It was amazing because we talked to Maria and Ronald and they told us they are ready for baptism and both have recieved answers that the church is true. Its amazing because a lot of people tell us they recieve answers when they notice a difference in them, their home, their family, everything. Christ makes us better and Heavenly Father truly truly changes us. He expects more from us because He loves us. 
Hermana Lopez
We went to the temple this week!!

Look what she drew-- my companion and I

Maria and Ronald taught me how to make salteƱas and it is really easy, fun and yummy!!

 There is a day here where there is no mobility at all and everyone walks so we gave away a ton of Liahonas and contacted a lot of families