Monday, June 12, 2017


Hello everyone:

I love being a missionary and helping other families be eternal. This gospel is only peace and happiness and the only way to be happy. While serving as a missionary I have learned my purpose as a daughter of God. A young investigator asked me do you ask God what is your purpose? I said yes and she told me and he answered? And feels so happy to be able to say yes. I love this gospel and I love to share it.

Ferrufino Family
This week was amazing! The best part was that we visited the Ferrufino family, Luis and his older sister Lisbeth who is finally getting better. We visited them in the hospital. Last week she was very sick, her condition was deteriorating and was about to be put in the ICU. The bishop came on Wednesday and gave her a blessing and after the blessing Lisbeth just got better. " It's a miracle". When we walked in she said hermanas, "I’m ok now and I want to be baptized". Her husband said that God truly answered his prayers and now he wants to give his whole family to God. That's amazing!!!!! Lisbeth still has a lot of recovery ahead of her, but she has the strongest desire to be baptized and so does Luis. It’s a miracle! Also, the most beautiful part was when I asked if we could say a prayer to leave and Luis and Vidal her husband they kneeled down around the hospital bed even though there were so many people in the bed next to them and Vidal prayed and said thank you so much and he said, I don’t have anything to ask for I have everything!
Lisbeth was released on Saturday and they all came to church on Sunday even though she is still very weak.

We decided to eat healthier this week.  Look at our refrigerator!!
My companion Hna Garff was transferred this week. I'm going to miss her, we had a great time working together.

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