Monday, August 15, 2016

Put your trust in the Lord

This week was very hard. I got really sick of my stomack for two days  and there was no water in our apartment, but my companions and our pensionista took take of me. Our pensionista is so nice she made me soup, mate, maizena and manzanilla and I felt a lot better really fast.

We are teaching this golden family, their names are Almicar and Vanessa. Almicar is so strong, he started crying when he prayed and he didnt know why. We read Moroni 10:5 with him and he was so excited. He said: "I guess i should read this". We took a member to their house to teach with us and she was amazing, she brought the spirit and Almicar just looked so amazed by the gospel. 
We told them about all the activities the church has and Vanessa was like YO QUIERO ESOO!!! AYY POR FAVOR (I want that, please).We invited them to come to church.

I was so sad on Sunday NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH none of our investigators. I wanted to cry in sacrament,  but the bishop said "no se desanimen" (not discouraged) "estamos aqui para ayudarlos" (we are going to help you out). I'm glad for the people who are willing to help us we have a great ward!!.

I want to share something I read in 1 Nephi 16:
It is when Nephi breaks his bow and his whole family gets sooo angry with him. even his father starts complaining and getting mad, but when you are in Nephi's position and youre feeling completely devasted what do you do?
you pray. 
Nephi prayed to God to help him with his problem. And He did. 

When we are feeling sad and discouraged, we often forget who helps us through everything. Nephis family was putting all their trust into the bow. They had forgotten who was really feeding them, who was really helping them through their trials.

Get on your knees and realize your bow is broken. 

I had to pray a lot this week. I learned so much despite how hard this week was. I know this is where I am supposed to be. and I know this is The Lords work and it will get done in his time.

I love you all thank you for your emails and kind words and advice. They all help so much!

Hermana Lopez

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