Monday, August 29, 2016

A week of powerful experiences

This week was a huge change for us. We decided we had to made some changes and work with the members. We went to the bishop's home and asked him for blessings to be able to work better with the members. It was insanely powerful. I felt the Spirit so strong. It was so cool in my blessing he answered my prayers completely.  He also mentioned something  that is in my patriarchal blessing which was so incredible!!.  This was one more confirmation that it was comming from God, who knows me very well and knows my needs.  We all ended up crying. He said we are angels and he loves us!!.  I know I can only be a good missionary through the atonement and I am learning that everday. 
We were more involved with the members  this week. We made cookies for relief society and they were so greatful for it!!. We taught a lesson about mission work in young womens. We are also trying to visit a member once a day and talk about mission work. We have a lot of return missionaries in the ward and they come out with us. I love my ward.!!
We made cookies for the women of Relief Society

I studied the Book of Mormon this week  and realized how powerful it is and how it can change the lives of people. I was able to use this in our teachings. We are teaching a lot of prepared people and when we teach them the whole time I am just thinking wow I am so lucky that God trusts me to teach these people. That is how prepared they are.

We set 6 bautismals dates!Each of one was so special!!

I also learned that Heavenly Father has children ready to hear the gospel. 

We knocked on a door of a lady named Iza and she just let us right in. She said the plan of salvation   a lot of sense and it answers a lot of her questions. We also knocked on a random door and this man named Ronny opened and said I know who sent you, it was Teresa! And we were like uh, no? We are missionaries from the church.... and he was like YEAH I know who you are! I want to reactive into the church. He is very cool and he wants his kids to know the gospel. 

We are also teaching a father and daughter who have been going to church for two months, but the missionaries couldnt teach them because they didnt leave in our area. My trainer a while back found a lady who wanted mormons to live in her house and the daughter and father were actually looking for a house. They moved in and now they have plans to be baptized September 24th! We met a boy named Diego who was taught by Elders two years ago, but now he wants to be baptized. 

But I am learning everyday that all the blessings I have are from this Gospel and I want to help people change their lives.

I love you all thank you for your advice and support. I feel your prayers everyday. 

I love you 

Hermana Lopez

Rosa she is the sweetest  old lady!!

A view of the mountains

Vanessa and Almicar our investigators invited us over and prepared this delicious meal called San Pancho

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