Monday, July 17, 2017



 Luis was baptized last week!!!  Even though I mentioned last week it was an amazing experience that I want to share more about it!! Wow it was such a beautiful beautiful moment because Luis is a REAL convert. He is so converted to the gospel.  He brought his cousin to the baptism and now she is receiving us in her house and Luis shares everything with her. After Luis was baptized he said: "I liked being baptized. I feel clean". So simple but so true, God wants us to feel clean to be happy. Luis worked soo hard to be baptized and he finally accomplished it and Juan Pablo a recent convert of a few months baptized him!  

Also we have a new mission president and he is so intelligent, he was baptized at 25 and he has so much knowledge of the gospel. He is teaching us how to study the scriptures and he taught us that we should devote our misisons to giving others an opportunity. That's it. We are just here to give an opportunity to people so they can hear the gospel. 

We pension with a recent convert family and they are just prime examples of member missionaries. They've invited so many of their family to church and have had about 5 attend. At Luis's baptism it was also full of their family members. One day they were driving to church and our church is kind of next to a stadium and there was a big soccer game going on and there were people lined up outside to be let in and they happened to see their cousin Christian out there and they pulled over and said Christian do you want to go to church? and he said yeah sure and he literally came to church and loved it. Sometimes we dont even let people have an opportunity before they reject us! 

View of the mountains in Sucre Bolivia

Look at how tall my companion is !!
 Hermana Lopez  

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