Monday, July 3, 2017


This was a CRAZY week!! seriously so much happened and I am learning so so much about serving others and dropping everything to be able to help others. We are so blessed though to be able to work with such amazing people. Luis is progressing so well he is going to be baptized this saturday!!! and he loves church and he is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and he understands it so well. His sister is a lot better and WOW it was amazing because he fasted and i told him that the sacrament is when we just feel a spiritual boost and he took it really literally and searched for the biggest piece of bread hahahhaha i was laughing  

But we are working so hard and we are finding people who are so ready to progress! I am so exhausted but i am learning so much about serving others.

Esta semana fue increible! vimos muchos milagros. encontramos una familia que quiere servir a dios mas que nada! Es tan lindo poder testificar de las bendiciones de bautizarnos y seguir a Jesucristo. Nunca he estado tan cansada pero tambien encuentro tanta felicidad al poder servir a los demas. Amo este evangelio y amo ver a personas cambiar su vida y encontrar felicidad eterna. 
--Hermana Lopez

Look at the different colors of the corn cobs


Divisions with Hermana Gomez "mi hija"

We moved to a new place this week. Glad to have a tall and strong companion !!

Busy week coordinating visits and divisions with the other sister missionaries.
Luis and his sibilings

We went to Cochabamba this week for a Leadership Conference 

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