Monday, September 5, 2016

An incredible week

This week was incredible!
Rosemary is a less active member who has been away from church for 18 years and thanks to the help of her older sister she is starting to come back to church. She has four kids who are not baptized, but the two youngest always come to church. The older two are tattoo artists and are a bit difficult to teach. On Saturday night we got to talk to one of them named Harlem. He has a lot of interesting questions about the church.  He came to church this sunday. It was so powerful because his mom said "I know my kids will get baptized, I know we will get sealed in the temple together. I know they will know the truth". A mothers testimony can really influence anything. They all came to church the next day.  We set a fecha bautismal  (baptism date) with Rosemarys children Camilla and Hilmar. It was so cool Camilla picked the 24th of september for her baptismal date. 

Ronnny is less active for 30 years and now he is ready to come back, what a miracle!!.  We have a lesson with him everday and also he came to church on Sunday. At the class "principios del evangelio" Ronny said that 3 angels brought him back to church. 

We have a new investigator her name is Iza and she is from Argentina. She loves the sisters. She invited us to her son's birthday party and her whole family asked us about mormons and it was really a great opportunity to share the gospel. Her family is precious. She came to church and everyone was being so kind to her like they announced her name in sacrament and she was like quuee!! (what!!). I don't think she expected people to be nice to her.

The Lord is putting really prepared people in our paths it is incredible!!.

In Bolivia they have a day dedicated to pedestrians "dia del peaton" and it was on Sunday. There were no cars, there was no transportation at all, everyone had to walk everywhere. A lot of people had to walk really far just to come to church, but their testimonys were so strong. 11 of our investigatores came to church!!. 

Faith is an action not a feeling!

Love you all

Hermana Lopez
Our district

I got my first package from home!!

Just taking a little rest!!

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