Monday, September 19, 2016


This week was incredibly hot and almost no one was home. A week ago we met this guy named Marcelo. My trainer met him when we were on splits with members. We went back this week and his mom told us he wasn't home. So, we came back and this lady opened the door and she said Marcelo isn't home. And we said oh ok...we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ... and she stared at us and said... ok want to come in? and we were like yeah sure. We sat down in her living room and she told us that she was less active and hasn't come back to church because she feels guilty for a lot of things. We said we can help her and she accepted. Marcelo is her brother in law. We scheduled and appointment and came back last night. We talked to them both and the Spirit was incredibly strong. We taught the restoration and Marcelo said I believe this is true. And he is planning on getting baptized the 22nd of October!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES EVERYWHERE! 

Seriously, I am learning that patience is key and this is The Lords work, the Lords time. 

Also, an Elder gave a talk last Sunday about how when he was baptized he went to church and he found out so many of his friends and classmates and neighbors were members of the church. And he said why didnt you tell me? Ive been searching for the truth. Seriously! Theres so many people we take to church and say I know him or blah blah blah. Let people know you are a member of Jesus Christs Church!!!!!

I also learned a cool proverb this week
Theres two best moments to plant a tree, one moment was twenty years ago and the other moment is now.

Love you all and miss you all! 

Hermana Lopez
Saying good bye to Hermana Campana
Her name is Machai, she is Ronnys dog and I love her. She pokes her head in the room and then attacks me and hugs me, hahha

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