Monday, September 26, 2016

Jesus Christ my Savior and example!!

This week was extremely roughhhh. We had four baptisms planned for the weekend and they all failed. I felt disappointed in myself and in others. We walked home so disappointed in the dark and it was hard. BUT Jesus Christ knows me and so does Heavenly Father. 
In personal study I read Helaman 10 where Nephi walks home all alone after everyone rejects him and I could definitely relate. I felt deeply comforted and my purpose as a missionary was reinstated. 

Womens conference was even better. We went to the mission home with all the hermanas. Hermana Hansen gave us a white paper with a tiny black dot on it and told us to say what we saw. Everyone said a black dot. Life is good and we choose to focus on the black dot that ruins one day. Happiness is a choice and thats what I want to choose everyday on my mission. 

I feel so comforted to know that Jesus Christ feels my pain. He was rejected to the extreme and Im only experiencing a tiny bit of what he felt.

Love you all thank you for your emails, prayers, and love

Hermana Lopez
This week we went to the temple. It was amazing!!

Five dogs were following me
These dogs were following me
We went to The mission home for a Women's Conference
P-day, We played soccer.
Fnally rained in Cochabamba!!

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