Monday, September 12, 2016

Villa Graciela

I have come to love my area Villa Graciela, my companions and the people so much!!. This week was transfers week. I really love this area and wanted to stay, and I'm staying.  President Hansen said this is the best trio he has seen in the mission, but there is an even number of sisters now so he had to put Hermana Campana up for adoption. She was transfered. I'm sad. We have been together since the beginning, we were companions since the MTC. I love her so much!. But I know we have to continue our progress and growth in the mission. 
We are still teaching Ronny and his two kids, Alejandro and Valeria two teenagers . They are a very special family, being with them is like being home again. Ronny is the type of parent that lets his kids make their own decisions in life and only has one rule for them don't hurt anyone in your path. His kids are very smart they like to read and think very deeply. Ale is questioning if God exists because he sees a lot of problems in humanity. And Valeria didnt really like us that much, she would rather stay in her room and read. 

But yesterday, we went over and only Ronny and Valeria were home. We taught lesson 3 The Gospel of Jesus Christ and we kept asking them if they had any questions for us, but Valeria didnt. I didnt really think Valeria was listening. Until we talked about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Valeria said I have one question.... When can I get baptized?

It was amaazzzzinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng, we all had to hold in our emotions and play it cool. But she is planning on getting baptized October 15th! Isnt that amazing!? 

I  love the mission more and more everyday. 

I love you all!
Ronny, Valeria and Alejandro

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