Monday, November 28, 2016

Working hard

This week we worked super hard. Our mission president told us the best feeling at the end of the day is coming home exhausted and that is super true. Sundays are always the hardest days to keep working, but the Lord blesses us with miracles when we are at our limit.

One miracle that happened was that we had no appointments for that night at all, they all failed and we had no idea what to do. We decided to just go home, as we were walking home I just kept thinking pray. But I thought eh, I can just pray at home... but the thought didnt go away so I told my companion  I think we need to pray so we turned the corner and prayed. After she asked me do you think we shouldnt go home? and I said I dont know... then a lady walked right in front of us carrying a ton of things in her hands and a baby. So we obviously asked if she needed helped. She said yes and then we walked all the way to her house and she let us in and we talked about Jesus Christ coming to the Americas. She told us we could come back and even invited us to her son's birthday. 

Also the same thing happened Sunday afternoon, we were walking,
all of our lessons failed and we were super discouraged when I felt talk to Marina an investigator we dropped a month ago. We went to her house and she was moving to another house and they were moving by pushing these metal carts with all their stuff in them. She couldnt do it and her oldest son of 14 was doing it. So we helped. Seriously God is so aware of all of his children!

Love you all!
Hermana Lopez 

My Zone: We went paintballing 

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