Monday, November 7, 2016

A reason for everything

This week was hard, but good. 

We were teaching a less active family and the dad said: "I left the church because I got lazy, I just had too many callings". When he said that I realized here on the mission that I am not progressing if I am comfortable. I want to make my comfort zone uncomfortable. Heavenly Father knows my potential and He knows what I can handle. 

I am learning a lot especially in my personal study. I learned that Heavenly Father knows our potential but so does Satan. When Jesus Christ was being tempted Satan knew His potential,  and he kept saying IF you are the Son of God why can't you do this.. why why why. and I realized that Satan can do the same with missionaries saying IF you are a good missionary then why this why that why not this. It all starts with little doubts. But we must rely on the Lord all the time.

I am also learning that if I want to get closer to Christ every day I have to give up a lot of things like being inpatient or selfish or so many other things. Its not bad to have problems, its just wrong to not fix them.

We are teaching new investigators and many of them came to church this Sunday.

I love the mission so much and love being a sister missionary. Miracles happen every single day. So much miracles inspite of hardships! 

Thank you all and thank you for all the love and support

Hermana Lopez 

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