Monday, December 19, 2016

It is all about love


This week was super good! I am learning a lot about love. The mission is all about love. Loving Christ, loving the people, loving the country, loving your companion, and loving yourself. I don't think I could magnify my calling without love. 

This morning for my personal study I read some of the recent conference talks from priesthood session. Elder Holland talked about home visiting teachers and about love. I thought about the way the church is organized and its all so we can take care of one another!!!

Also I read the talk about Alma and Amulek. I love Alma and Amulek because they were incredible companions. But I love how Elder Uchtdorf talked about finding Amuleks. I thought a lot a lot a lot about who I was before the mission. I was Amulek and I can't believe that Heavenly Father, my church leaders, friends, family saw something in me. I am just so grateful to be serving the Lord, it is a privelege.  

My companion and I have been pushing out faith beyond the limit. We are teaching an investigator who is sick with an illnes that paralyzed his body. He is recovering very slowly and he doesnt have much faith anymore. So we read Ether 12 with him and we are trying to get him to push his faith to the limit by acting. Hermana Beltran and I want to meet a family of four that want to be sealed in the temple. In every prayer we said we asked for that family, but we didnt just ask we acted. We contacted every single person that looked like the had a family and right now we have six potential families of 4. Faith is real, but we have to act! 

Washing clothes

Merry Christmas I love you all! Yesterday for Christmas some of the missionaries in our zone stood outside of a fair and gave away free Liahonas and phamplets of the church. People will take anything when its free. 

Hermana Lopez 

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