Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Hola amigos!!!! I hope you all had a merry Christmas! 

This week was super amazing. I was reminded why I am here. One of my old investigators in Villa Graciela got baptized her name is Ayleen and she is a really strong convert. She was always helping our investigators at church even though she was an investigator herself. It was amazing because her aunt gave her testimony at the baptism and said thank you to all the missionaries because we sacrificed being with our families on Christmas so that her family could be eternal.

Also another miracle that happened a while ago was a man named Wilmer, we walked by him and talked to him. He told us he wanted the best for his family and to come back. I was sick so we couldnt go back, but we have been thinking a lot about him. We went back and he wasnt there and we cant reach his phone or anything. So the other day we were walking by his house and saw his car. We were knocking on the door and this lady drove up and said hermanas! And she let us in her house its an apartment building. She is less active and we are going to start teaching her husband, but they didnt have a lot of time. So she said go knock on Wilmers door he lives on the top floor. So we didnt, but he wasnt there. So, we were about to leave but all I could think of was FOURTH FLOOR LAST DOOR so we knocked on all the doors in the building, which wasnt a lot. And no one was interested. We knocked on one last door and this lady named Janet opened, she looked at us and said you guys shouldnt be knocking in here this is a private apartment and she asked who let us in and we told her we were teaching about Jesus Christ looking for Wilmer and she was like yeah he doesnt live with me or something. She was a little mad, so we decided to leave. My companion said here is a card wth our phone number we do all types of service like washing clothes, dishes, anything you need. She took the card and said really? Why do you guys do that?

And we explained we are representives of Christ, we are always trying to follow his example. Then she said you guys are from that church she lives right behind the church and we were like yeah yeah. And she started asking a ton of questions about the church and then she told us to come back on Thursday. It was a little weird and we left. 

Then on Sunday no one had showed up to church and I was a little disappointed, I thought a lot of people were going to go but no one had showed up. Then I felt the phone ringing it was an unknown number, but I answered and it was Janet she said I am outside can you come pick me up? IT was a miraaccllee.. She brought her 8 year old son and after sacrament he said when can I get baptized

Seriously soooo cool. I love being a missionary and having the opportunity to be a literal representative of Christ. 

--Hermana Lopez 

My district!!

My pensionista

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