Monday, January 9, 2017

Member missionary work!!

This week we went to the temple! Ahhh so amazing, I love love love love the temple.  

But there were a lot of miracles this week. First, Janet and Amilcar came to church and they now have a baptism date for February 4th. Janet asked us how she could know if the church was true, she said. She has never felt the same way at other churches so she thinks it is true. She is amazing amazing amazing.

We also had an amazing family in the ward invite a family of 6 over for a family home evening. The family was so happy they said thank you for thinking about us and sharing something so important to you guys. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and really the family was so pleased that they thought of them. Member missionary work is so so effective and important.

We are contacting more with the Book of Mormon, we were standing on the street thinking about who we could visit at 8 pm and this young lady came up to us and we said hola and she just stared at us and we asked if we could read a scripture with her she said yeah yeah of course, but she couldnt let us in her house because she has a big dog that doesn't bite just jumps on people and my companion said don't worry my companion loves dogs. And she let us in her house hahahhahhaa. But it was amazing. We read Alma 7:11 with her and she said can you read me more? She was so intrigued by the BOM and learning more about Christ

Love you all!
Hermana Lopez

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