Monday, January 30, 2017


Two really awesome miracles happened this week. 

First was Tuesday, it was raining really hard and no one wanted to let us in. When the spirit prompted me to go in this street alley and pray. We prayed that we would be blessed upon our faith as we knocked on every door in this alley. The second to last door we knocked on we found a husband who was a little distant, he told us he didn't have any time and what not. But I felt just insist and we insisted so much for him to go get his wife until he finally did. He came out with his wife and she was washing clothes in the pouring rain and we insisted even more for her to let us help. After 5 minutes she let us in. It was funny, but then we taught them a lesson according to their needs. They wanted to learn about the 10 commandments but we talked about them and the Book of Mormon and they said they needed to be guided and needed to keep the commandments more. It was amazing

Then the other happened yesterday. We were walking all day and all our citas  (appointments) fell through and we didn't know where to go. Hna Gomez said lets go contact and I said ok yeah and a street popped in my head and we went straight there and knocked on the very first door. A little girl opened the door and I asked if her mom was home she said yeah and ran away and then after a while her mom and dad came out looking at us really weirdly and said hermanas?! and we were like hi? do you guys know about the church of jesus christ....and they were like YES WE ARE MEMBERS!! we are visiting from La Paz. We thought someone sent you guys. I want my son to be baptized and his wife. And they told us that they had been praying for missionaries to come help their family and then the wife showed up and she gave us a super yummy banana juice and said she wanted our help with her family because her mother in law always talked about the church and how happy it had made her. And WOww!!

Im learning so much that God loves me and trusts me someone who is so imperfect and weak to help Him with this work. Its amazing and humbling. Love you al!

Also the connection is super slow, I only have one picture today
My area Alalay!!
but I will send more pics next week!

Hermana Lopez :)

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