Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Hi everyone:

This week was a good one! 

Janet, the lady we met in the apartment buidling last week, she came to the mission home on Monday! She came and watched gospel videos and then we went to the temple and took a lot of pictures. She has an 8 year old son named Amilcar and he keeps asking when he can get baptized. But Janet thinks we are really suspicious because we wash her clothes and help her with her work and we dont have first names hahaha. 

But on Sunday New Years I felt so discouraged in Sacrament because no one was at church and Janet told us she was busy and wouldnt be able to come and I was starting to doubt a lot. When Janet just walked in and I was so surprised and happy then thirty seconds later a family of 3 walked in and then another investigator who has a baptismal date walked in and then another and it was a miracle!!!! Church started at 8 am on New Years and Raul, an investigator, was so tired but he came. 

And the best part was when Janet was in gospel principles began to cry when the teacher asked her about how she felt knowing she had a celestial family. She cried and said she felt so alone because she is from La Paz and she only has her son. but she said With everything I am learning here I just feel so.....happy. And I dont feel alone anymore

and its so true. We never have to be alone again.

I love you all! Feliz año nuevo!

Hermana Lopez 

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