Monday, February 27, 2017

Humble Acts of Service in Love Toward One Another

Hi friends:

So this week was a good one. It was the last week of the  transfer "cambio" and we worked really hard. I love Boliva with all my heart and I love being a missionary. 

We are teaching an amazing family. Maria y Selso. They are very humble and work 24/7, they have hardly nothing, but when we teach them they give us everything they have. They give us their best bread, their best mate, their best everything. It is amazing. 
They want to learn so much about Jesus Christ and they want the best for their children. It is a little hard to teach them because they don't understand so well, but we drew pictures for them and we drew The Plan of Salvation to teach them. And I was a little worried they would be offended or something, but at the end of the lesson The Spirit was SO strong. We put a fecha "date" for their baptism and they accepted and then Selso said the pray on his knees and he cried. His words were so clear and he asked for forgiveness and more knowledge. It was so beautiful. Heavenly Father knows His children so well. 

Also. Ronald and Maria came to a baptism with us! The Spirit was there and Ronald said wow this is life changing. They are amazing amazing people with such great potential.

I love Bolivia, I have never met people so so amazing. Bolivia is teaching me so much about humility so much about love. 

Hermana Lopez 

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