Monday, February 20, 2017

My Savior

Hi friends!!

 This week was amazing amazing because I learned so much about Jesus Christ. We had a zone conference and we watched a video about Jesus Christ where Elder Holland is talking about how hard His life was and why would it be fair if we had a perfect life or mission if the most perfect man on earth didnt get a perfect life? 

We talk to so much people every singe day and they all have a ton of problems and their lives are completely depressing, but Jesus Christ died and suffered for them. Not just for their sins, but for their weaknesses, depressions, injustices, EVERYTHING. And we have a message that can change their eternity.

We are still teaching Ronald and his wife and they are a miracle. Ronald said the most important thing about this gospel is to share it. WOW, and he isnt even baptized yet. We are also teaching this really humble family Maria and Selzo and they work so hard and try their best and they finally came to church and wow it was so amazing. Teaching families is the best. 

I love serving as a missionary, it is the best decision I have made and it will be the best year and a half for my life. I love my savior Jesus Christ and last night when teaching about Him, I thought about what I needed to do to value The Atonement more. How many drops of blood did He shed for me? And what am I doing for Him? 

Love you all.-- 
Hermana Lopez 
"I love the rain"


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