Monday, February 13, 2017


Hi everyone !!

This week was awesome we saw so many miracles and I have been praying more to use my authority as a representative of Christ. It has been working, I have been promising a lot of things as a representative of Christ and sometimes I even get scared of the promise I make haha.  

But Ronald, who I talked about last week the man whos wife left and had no job, we had a lesson with him and he failed us. BUT it was because he found a job as an editor!! So, we were OK with it. Haha, we called him and told he we were going to wait for him Sunday 8 am at church! And he said he would definitely be there. He recognized tha the Lord blessed him when he chose to act on his faith!! And wow so it was 8:20 am and no sign of Ronald so I kind of gave up on him, but then he walks in with his wife and daughter!! BLESSINGS 


Also, I went back to my first area because Sonya got married and baptized! Seriously what a great example of faith. Her husband baptized her and her son, it was beautiful.

I have learned that so much about faith on my mission. That faith is nothing nothing nothing unless we act on our faith. When we make promises with the Lord, He makes promises with us!
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Hermana Lopez 

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