Monday, March 13, 2017

Bolivian birthday!!

 This week was a really good week. Angel was baptized and his baptism was so special, there were a lot of investigators there and his whole family came and everyone teared up. Angel said he felt so new and its true he is a new person and the baptism helped with that, but truly the atonement of Christ makes us new each 

Also Maria and Selzo accepted a baptismal date for the 25th of March. We had a really powerful lesson with them, we talked about repentance and that God will forgive them of their sins. And then they told us they recieved an answer that this is the true church of Christ. They are so kind and so humble and so so prepared for the Gospel. They strive to live it and to comprehend it, the spirit teaches them so differently its amazing. 

Also thank you so much for the birthday wishes to everyone, really thank you thank you. I had an amazing birthday and felt so happy to be in Bolivia. Bolivia has my heart. 
I had three cakes !! On Sunday I was in consejo de barrio and after the prayer  the bishop said WAIT ONE MORE THING EVERYONE STAND UP AND SING TO HERMANA LOPEZ ITS HER BIRHTDAY and then everyone sang to me hahahha it was realy funny  and then they brought in a cake and made me bite in.  

Then my pensionista made a cake for me and  all the sudden they all threw eggs on me and flour and I had nooo idea, I was smiling in that pic and I had no idea they were going to do that it was really funny, but thats how they show their love here in Bolivia  hahaha.  

Maria and Selso's family

Then I had to go shower and change because  we had a cita with Maria and Selso and  four members came with us it was amazing!! We taught a poweful lesson and then Maria and Selso were like wait and they came out with a huuuuge cake.!!  They are the humblest people I have ever met and they bought me a cake.  Maria hugged me and told me Hermana Lopez thank you for everything please never leave us !!  Selso told me: we just wanted you to know how much we love you. It was very emotional I wanted to cry, then they sang to me and then Maria and a member shoved my face into a cake hahahhahaha,

I love Bolivians I know I need to be here to learn from them about true charity and humility. 

Have a great week
Hermana Lopez

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