Monday, March 6, 2017

My Savior Lives!!

Hi everyone:

 This week went by super fast. We have some incredible incredible investigators.

 We are teaching this really young couple, Jose and Michelle, they are expecting a baby and want to change their lives in order to care for their better. We found Jose through his mom and his mom let us in the house and Jose was in the house so we naturally asked him to come talk to us and he sat down and was so interested. He said he was so shocked that we were in his house because his mom never lets anyone come in, but he told us he would read the book we left him and everything. 
Well after a month of visiting him we found out his girlfriend was pregnant and they want to be serious parents that are centered in Christ. Amazing!! They have plans to be married and baptized within a month and they are making plans to be sealed in the temple.
On Friday we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and then we asked them if they had any questions before we left. Jose said well, yeah, you know how last time we talked about Joseph Smith and there being a true church, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am 100% certain that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. My companion and I were trying not to scream of happiness. 
Jose is amazing we saw them on Saturday and he invited his cousins over so they could learn about the Book of Mormon and he told them he would give them all his phamplets so they could learn, then he said that it is a habit it is something deeply rooted in him to pray every day at night and in the morning. WOOOOW. 

Also we had stake conference and I learned something really cool. Elder Balderrama,  a seventy, spoke and he told us that we need to ask ourselves how new we are becoming? We should be a new person every day and then he shared an amazing experience that he said his son was watching a movie about the cruxification on Christ and at the end the movie didnt show the resurrection of Christ and his son went up to him with tears in his eyes and said God is dead.  And then he looked him in the eyes and said God lives and because of that we can be best friends for all eternity--forever. 

I love this gospel and I know He lives. 

--  Hermana Lopez

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