Monday, March 20, 2017

The gospel changes lives !!

This week was amazig! Maria and Selso will be baptized this Friday. They are incredible, we had a lesson with them and we were all crying just talking about how greatful we are for this gospel that changes lives. We taught them the ten commandments and they are doing so well at living them and seeing the blessings of obedience in their lives.  

This Sunday was Fathers day in Bolivia so we made a polaroid type cut out and stood in a public place of our area and contacted families to come take pictures and we taught about eternal families . It was incredible, we met so many families who now want to learn about this gospel because no one wants to be separated from the ones they love. 

We invited Maria and Selso to come take a picture with us and they were the first ones to come, but the best part was that they were the ones helping us. At one point an older man came and asked what we were doing but he didnt speak Spanish he spoke Quecha and Selso quickly came over and started preaching in Quecha to this man and everytime a family would come by Maria she would say look a family!! And we would go contact them. 
They gave away Liahonas and books and everything all 5 hours we were there. It was amazing!!A member said: wow you guys are amazing!!! and they said we have to work for the Lord now. WOOOW. That's conversion. 

Hermana Lopez 

Maria and Selso's family helping us to share the gospel!!

We ate arroz chaufa a delicious peruvian dish. A peruvian member of the curch invited us over for lunch 

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