Monday, May 8, 2017

Being Bold


So wow so many miracles.

First we are teaching a lady named Cosquita she is the relief society president's  best friend and she is so amazing. Her husband passed away 7 years ago when she was pregnant with her second son and she has so many hardships in her life but she is full of joy. Hermana Garff asked her how she was so happy and she said I just spent so much of my life depressed and I realized that my kids needed me and I needed to be happy. There is so much to be happy about. And it was so amazing teaching the plan of true happiness to her and she is amazing. And Kelsey her member's friend is so amazing too she just has so much joy and loves to share the gospel because the gospel is just true happiness.

Second so a couple of weeks ago we were walking and this 16 year old kid runs up this huge hill to talk to us and say EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME ARE YOU TWO ELDERS?
and we are just kind of like uh...yeaaah...basically how can we help you?

Turns out his parents are recent converts who just moved here from Chile and now he and his older sister and her husband want to be baptized! AMAZING. We had a lesson with them and the sister Lisbeth is really really sick. But she said hermanas when can I be baptized. She has so much faith and we had the Elders come over to offer her a blessing and Luis the 16 year old boy was there and he said I will do whatever it takes to be baptized. They are so so so incredible and we are so lucky to be teaching them.

And the third one is kind of a funny story.  Hermana Garff and I have been learning a lot about being bold. We recently learned that if you love people you can never be too bold. So the other day we were visiting a contact, Carmen. Carmen has a lot of faith in God and told us she wanted us to come back so we did, but then she did the classic "send your nice out and tell us no one is home". But we just kept insisting and insisting and insisting and the little girl was getting really nervous so she ran away to go ask someone something and she left the door open...well Hermana Garff totally listened to the Spirit and just walked in the house. She just walked in and I followed and the little girl like started screaming: "THEY ARE IN THE HOUSE" and it was chaos for a moment. Then Carmen was like doing something and was like HERMANAS but then she offered us fruit juice and told us to sit down that just how Bolivians are though. But seriously it was the most amazing lesson because she told us so much of her life and cried a lot and we talked about God and how He just wanst people to be happy we are His children and He loves us we are not here to suffer. And thats really hard for people to believe. 

Love you all. Have a great week--Hermana Lopez 
A view of my area- a lot of hills

One more of my area

Eating saltenas with Hna Garff

Nice view of Sucre

She is Ines our pensionista, her husband and son just got baptized. They are very very kind people and I love being with them. 

Ines cooks really good!!
When I went to Cochabamba I was able to saw "my daughter " and "grand-daughter" 

With Hermana Hansen in Cochabamba "Consejo de Lideres"- Lidership Council

For P-day we went to visit a religious  place call "Cristo negro" -The black Christ

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