Monday, May 29, 2017

Choose the right

I’m in Cochabamba this week to attend to a Leadership conference. Our area is progressing and the members are helping us so much. This was a week of many exciting experiences. I’d like to share our experiences with Luis.

We are still teaching Luis, he is a 15-year-old (almost 16) excellent teenager so prepared for the gospel and he just wants to be baptize, he reads the Book of Mormon and he is doing his part even though there is some opposition. He and his family are going through difficult times, His family has neglected him because they are focused on helping his sister who is very sick. This has caused that Luis is not even enrolled in school because he is helping his family  with everything.  Also, it has been difficult to teach him and keep appointments.

Finally, one morning we surprised him at his home and explained all of lesson 2 and he was so amazed and had so many questions about the resurrection. When the lesson was over I talked to the mom alone with my companion and told her: “don’t forget you have another son who is suffering in different ways. Luis is a special kid and he has a lot of potential”. The great thing is that she listened and understood and now his mom enrolled him in school!! AND HE WAS SO HAPPY.
 We had another lesson with Luis and went over with Juan Pablo, who is a recent convert that has such an amazing testimony and wants to go on a mission. IT WAS AN AMAZING LESSON. He said the Joseph Smith’s story and Luis was surprised and he said: HE SAW GOD AND JESUS CHRIST WHAT!! and he was so excited to read and learn more about it.

But the best part is that on Sunday we were all waiting for him to come to church but he never came and it was so sad. We walked out of sacrament and Luis was running up the stairs with his two little siblings and he saw me and he saw all the members coming out and he looked so sad and he was like I can’t believe I’m late. I’m so sorry is it too late? I asked him what happened. He explained that they were waiting for her mom that wasn’t home, so then decided to come to church by themselves. He said that he wants to do what is right!! I was so proud of him for doing that.
Hermana Lopez

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