Monday, May 22, 2017

The power of prayer

We went to visit the Castle of Mirrors

I love Ines, our pensionista. She takes good care of us!! We are making bread!!

We are still teaching Luis and his amazing family. Luis is AMAZING and he has a baptismal date and he is preparing so much for it. His sister is really really ill, she needs a costly surgery and the family is trying their hardest to bring up the money.
 We had an appointment with them Friday night and we had 3 members coming with us. When we got there, the neighbors told us that they moved.  It was so confusing. There were other people living in their home and everyone said they left to Potosi which is another city REALLY far.  So, we were just crushed, I wanted to cry that very minute.
We called and called and called and called and no answer and everyone was saying just forget about them, they are gone.

On Sunday, they didn't come to church we were hoping they would magically show up and we just stopped calling them. We prayed for them all the time and on Sunday evening like 6 pm we had no appointments and we went to go visit a family and I felt the impression to just pray. So, I said a prayer in my mind and I asked to find Luis. While we were talking to this man I saw Luis from the corner of my eye and Hermana Garff and I just quickly said bye and we sprinted after Luis.
 It was amazing!!! We found the whole family again and realized they are going through
hard hard times, they had to move out. But it was such a tender mercy to find them and to be put in that area at that time just as Luis would walk by. Prayer is so powerful.

Love you all,

Hermana Lopez

Betty is an excellent member. She always share the gospel with their friends and invites them to church!

We love to eat saltenas 
As you already know I love dogs and they always follow me

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