Monday, October 3, 2016

The one

General Conference week!!! Seriously, it was so amazing being able to teach about a living prophet and invite people to conference all week. And conference was incrediblee!!  

I loved the talk about the little boy that did not want to read the book of mormon and how his mom never gave up on him and said "I will not lose you"! especially at the end when he said this gospel truly is about the one. Only one investigator came to the first session of conference, both Saturday and Sunday. His name is Gabriel and he is a very old man, who is terminally ill. We met him when we were knocking on doors a couple weeks ago, he told us to come back. When we did go back he told us that he wanted to change his life and he had done things he regreted. He hasnt felt true happiness in a long time and he is worried about his salvation. Everytime we are at his house, I want to cry because he has been through so much and he is desperately trying to get close to God. When I testified of Jesus Christs Atonement, I could picture Christ dying for Gabriel, suffering for Gabriel, and waiting for Gabriel to come back to Him. The gospel is truly about the one lost sheep. 
At the temple

Watching General Conference

Sharing the gospel with everyone!!

Look what I found on the street 

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