Monday, October 24, 2016


This week was very special. Gabriel our investigator was getting ready to make a decision about his baptism. So, we prayed hard this whole week. Every prayer we said was for Gabriel to decide to be baptized. Because we knew this decision would impact the rest of his life. We went to his house on Wednesday and he said hermanas, I havent decided to be baptized yet. I think I will know on Friday ( a day before his baptism!!). I felt so crushed. But then Gabriel talked for a long long time, about his life about everything he was feeling. Hermana Braathen and I both stayed quiet. We both felt strongly impressed to just listen to him. After a while he said, "I can't go to church and be happy and feel this peace and come home and not be able to help my family. The decision I make to be baptized will be a selfish one and that is not fair."  I told him that decisions determine destiny and the decision he makes to not be baptized or to be baptized will effect the rest of his life, not only his life but the life of his grandaughters and daughter. I promised him straight from the Spirit that this decision would forever impact their lives. He stayed quiet for a while and said OK: "I've decided. Im going to be baptized."

Saturday Gabriel was baptized. It was the sweetest experience. Everything worked out. After he was baptized he bore his testimony and said: " A while ago I had a surgery and I was in a coma after. I had a very weird dream where all I saw was darkness and it was scary. I felt lost and worried. A few days later the hermanas knocked on my door. I will be with you guys until the rest of my days".

The last Saturday of the "cambios" (tranfers) he got baptized and we met him the first thursday of the "cambios" (transfers). Heavenly Father wants us to work hard until the very last second. 
Love you all!!  
Hermana Lopez 
Gabriel baptism
The members in the ward Familia Chavez that always help us with missionary work.
My area Villa Graciela

Our pensionista Iza and her husband.

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