Monday, October 10, 2016

Amazing week!!

What a special week! We have been teaching this man named Gabriel, who is terminally ill. He is so interested in changing his life because he knows he will die soon. He got very sick our last visit with him and we told him about how Elders could come over and give him a blessing of health. He was a little weary because he has been to a lot of different churches and received "blessings" from them, but in the end he accepted.

Honestly, it was a very very amazing experience. His blessing was all about baptism. The Elder said that he will do  everything possible or impossible to survive so he can be baptized. After our lesson with Gabriel he told us "ustedes me dan vida" which is you guys give me life. It was an amazing experience, I feel so privellaged to be a part of Gabriels life. He had a doctor appointment that night and then he called us and told us he is being operated on November, which means he can get baptized on October 22nd! 

Also, we have been teaching this little girl named Teresa because she turned 8 and is ready to be baptized. Her mom is not a member and her dad is a convert. Teresa is so converted already and understands so well the doctrine of Christ. It was so amazing! Seriously the mission is incredible!

For Pday today we went to IncaChaca, it was so beautiful and reminded me of Hawaii!! 

Hermana Lopez

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